Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013

Copywriting for Business, Online and Social Media: Part Five

Making an Impression
Remember that old saying that 'you only get one chance to make a first impression'? It could refer to you meeting someone for the first time, whether on a social level or for business purposes. Maybe it was connected to your choice of a colour scheme for your corporate identity, your style of print advertising, your company logos featured on your vehicles, even your shop window displays at your main business premises. It could be related to your choice of clothes for a social engagement or for an important business meeting. It could even refer to the type of handshake you employed when encountering new people or business associates. In the incredibly interconnected modern world, a good first impression is still very important and today your website is often the first place people will encounter you and your company, along with your products and services.
When it comes to designing your website, you can't simply put your current brochures online, because writing for the Internet is very different to the writing that is used for traditional printed materials. On the web, you only have seconds to grab and hold someone's attention, since people typically only scan online pages very quickly. However, your site must also provide all the relevant information that people are looking for, yet not get bogged down with too many details. Well-written text can also help improve your ranking with major search engines and this could make all the difference between your company's success and failure. Potential clients will always appreciate being able to locate what they are looking for quickly and easily, which translates into good customer service on your part.
Your online copy reflects on your professionalism or indeed on your lack of it. You always need to take pride in what you have on the web, which is potentially visible to millions or people all over the world, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. If it appears that you don't really care what your website looks like, your potential, or even your existing, customers will assume that your products and services may be similarly slipshod. The quality of content on your site will always have a positive or negative effect on your visitors. These days, you still only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure that your website's visitors always get a positive one.

Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

Ebusiness Solutions - Make Money, Improve Service and Limit Costs by Expanding Your Business Online

There is huge revenue potential in Internet web services if you let them work for you.
Years have passed since the first websites appeared on the Internet. Do you remember the days of trying to decipher the Internet and how your company had to get online to stay with the times? Then, it wasn't enough to be online; you needed a domain name, a website with something called Flash, sexy graphics, logo and, for the last few years, a search-engine ranking?
The above are the major services provided by most website development or search-engine optimizing firms. I am sure your website has all of the above (as does the website of your closest competition). The truth is the use of the Internet has changed and the website development firm who did your site doesn't want you to know. Organizations now have created revenue-generating and process-optimizing web services instead of simple text and graphic web sites to their stakeholders.
The Secret
The reason why your web designer doesn't want you to know these things is because they lack the technical know how to design and develop web services for you. They are experts at creating web brochures. Web brochures are exactly like print brochures, but on a screen instead of in your hand. They are sites with your logo, colours and aesthetics communicating information on your website similar to what is in your print brochure. Ask yourself, has your print brochure ever made you more productive at work? Has it significantly increased your revenue? How about existing customers? Does your print brochure provide any service for them to help you serve them better? Your answer to these questions are probably all no or not much. Now, ask yourself the same questions about your web brochure and I bet you will draw similar conclusions.
Web designers are great at putting print brochures on the web for people to view them. That is their strength. What they are not good at is providing you with a customized system that can increase your productivity, get rid of paperwork, make money or service customers. That is the work of a web developer. A web developer is a person or firm with the ability to program software integrated with the web that is specifically done to service your business.
How it Works
Confused? Let's say Joe runs a hair salon. A web designer will create Joe's brochure website with all of his logos, corporate colours and information. Joe will be thrilled to pieces that his company is now "worldwide." However, Jane's Hair Salon (Joe's main competition) went to a web developer who not only created Jane a brochure website, but also created a web service for Jane's clients to book appointments based on the availability of each stylist. This creates a new and more convenient way for Jane's customers to make appointments from anywhere in the world. This also means that Jane's staff got fewer phone calls to the salon from people wanting appointments so now stylists spend more time giving customer's attention instead of having to interrupt a hair appointment to answer the phone. Lastly, Jane's also collects the email address and contact information of all online bookers and can setup an email broadcasting system that automatically reminds customers to come back for their next appointment after 30 days. Jane can also use this contact database to send electronic newsletters, surveys and other information to customers. Jane's created a new way for potential clients to make purchases, made the lives of their employees easier and increased customer service by recommending them to book their next hair appointment by offering online booking. Did I mention that since the web service is on the Internet that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world? That means that Jane can manage the salon, check her appointments for upcoming weeks and track revenue from her PDA or laptop without having to be in the store. The result - competitive advantage for Jane over Joe!
High Cost?
The cost structure to create and maintain web services are very comparable to a web designer's charges. Normally, a developer will charge you to create a brand new service specifically for you. Then, they will charge you a monthly/quarterly/annually maintenance fee that will cover the cost to maintain the application, add more services to the system and host it on a server for everyone to access. Similarly, a web designer will charge you for the site design as well as a monthly fee to make updates to the site and a fee to host it on a server.
Your Turn
The important takeaway here is to think of different ways you can use the web. It can be to manage your database, directly connect with potential customers or add to your customer service strategy. Want to get real creative? Devise your own idea for a web service and take it to a web developer and start cashing in on the electronic land of opportunity.

The Importance of Web Design For Successful Online Business

A decade ago or so nobody was very concerned about web designing; it was enough to have a website to promote your business. Having a simple web page gave you a definite advantage over your competitors who didn`t yet make the move to the online advertising. Now the situation has changed a lot and merely having a website isn`t enough.
Nowadays nearly every business owner tends to the conclusion to have online advertising, and millions of individuals have online presences as well. The internet is teeming with different websites and attracting new customers has become a formidable problem. Web design development is the main means to track down a lead and help your business stand out. Only the use of high quality web design can make you successful on the Internet.
Such is The Picture
Among a vast supply of competitions your little ship can be easily lost in a huge ocean of web pages. To survive you need a big liner to plough the seas and oceans of www, that what quality web designing actually proposes you today. Otherwise if your website is unattractive and doesn`t operate easily you have a chance to be dropped from the commercial success.
Developing a reasonable website
To develop a really functional and reasonable website many things should be taken into consideration. It is very important to arrange nicely all the information you are going to inform your visitor. Your visitors are your potential customers and while developing your site you should look at it with a purchaser eye. Try to meet their needs by implementing specific solutions. IOW your website should look very friendly and the most important information has to be easily found. The content should be written in a clear and interesting way.
Some websites promoting their products contain interesting and important information which can help the potential buyer to make his or her choice. If your site aimed at selling, it should be simple and intuitive to continue to the sales page and make an order. If you want to have an interactive website and make it possible for your visitors to send you an email for a quote, supply it with an online form. Do not overload your site with many graphics and images; it can distract your visitors` attention and make the site heavier that can cause slow navigation between the pages. Also avoid primary contrasting colours it can give your site a vulgar look, a poor layout or scheme isn`t going to draw much attention or interest. The content and the graphical look of the site should be balanced and go well together.
Unattractive form and unclear content of the website can make a visitor confused and he or she can easily leave your site clicking on the back button. Nothing can get you as annoyed as a poorly designed website.

Senin, 16 September 2013

Affordable Custom Logo Design for Business Cards

Business cards are very portable and thus provide one of the easiest ways through which to bring attention to your business. As such, there is dire need to use choice logos, details, and the right graphic designs on your cards so as to depict your business in the right taste. There are plenty of affordable business card designs available hence you can easily and cheaply create that reflect your area of niche.
Speaking of logos and graphics design, small or young businesses in most cases do not have sufficient spending power and they as such seek for affordable custom logo design services. Luckily, there are firms that offer both logo and business design services, which are always cheaper than the option of using separate entities to do the work.
There is a common misconception that the best way to create affordable business designs is in-house. After all, we may have printing machines, can download logo and graphic design software, paper can be cheap, and with minimal computer skills we can create the required graphics and logos. As you can anticipate, doing the job ourselves will not result in top quality and professional business simply because we are not specialists in this niche of work. Professionals are better placed to provide quality and affordable custom logo design work because they do this for a living and have also taken time to invest in the best equipment and software suites required to achieve superb results. They are also better placed to provide more affordable prices because of their mass production capacities.
Creating a requires the business owner and the card designer to be in sync with what is required of the card. An even better and more affordable custom logo design option is going for online-based logo and business card designers. Such a website provides facilitates an interaction which is meant to discuss the various aspects that will result in the production of quality and effectual yet affordable designs. With no storefront and associated running costs to factor in, the costs of such online services can only get cheaper.
In the business world, simplicity goes a long way in reflecting professionalism. A card shouldn't bear all sorts of style and image designs; at most this will reflect confusion. With simple and affordable business designs one can still convey information effectively and present it elegantly. We should also be careful with the use of colour as an extremely vibrant card will depict cheapness.
Take time to create a punchline that'll strengthen the message the card seeks to deliver. The quality of the paper should be such that the business card will not crumble easily, and as such the thickness should be nothing less than 14pt. The quality of print matters a lot; a store which offers an affordable custom logo design service should also provide top-of-the-range printing so as to achieve bright and crisp professional-looking cards.

Selasa, 03 September 2013

Web Site Design for your Online Store

An increasing number of businesses are showing interest in expanding their online operations. The lure of ecommerce is too big to resist, even for the small-time businessmen. However, the dynamism and technical-soundness demanded by this field puts off many a budding entrepreneur.
This is where ecommerce site design can be extremely helpful for small businesses. When you set out to open your own online store, do not try to start from scratch, as far as designing is concerned. This is because it'll involve too many costs, thus throwing your ROI off balance.
Choose a pre-existing design template from scores available on the Internet. In fact, you can pick the one that successful stores have used for their business. As a designer, you can also choose a theme rather than just a template. A theme consists of elements like font faces, sizes and colours apart from the basic design elements.
When you choose a theme, you can easily have somewhat different web pages on your site. All this without having to configure each and every page individually, and continuing with a unified design all through. And the best part is, you do not even need to know the nuances of programming - these applications are simple and easily comprehensible. Once you have finalised the basic web design requirements for your store, hire a professional designer to take care of your site and structure it in accordance with prevailing norms and trends.
The next step in line is the inventory to be displayed in your store. The products and services that you are selling should be categorised and presented in a logical and simple manner. The trick is to make shopping a pleasurable experience for your online shoppers. When you create a shopping cart or the likes, features like addition, deletion, pricing, etc should be comfortably incorporated and presented.
The greatest success of ecommerce web site design [http://www.epurplemedia.co.uk/web-designing-development.html] lies in its ability to attract search engine spiders so that the site's pages are crawled and indexed. This is because accessibility breeds traffic, and in turn revenues, as far as the online marketplace if concerned. Therefore, it is imperative to adhere to search engine guidelines when structuring the navigational and design elements of your site.
In the world of web sites, one has to constantly innovate and expand in order to stay in the race. Keep adding pages to your site and optimise each of them individually. As a small business owner, you route to success lies in adaptability to the ever-evolving online trading arcade.